Letter from Vindicator

To my family, friends and admirers,

This has been a great ride and I have worked hard for 23 years to inspire and impress you. From the first moments of in-hand showing with Ed Wilson’s family starting as a weanling, onto Terry McKenzie for my early World and Reserve’s World Championships. Then to my beloved home at Bent Tree Farm where I have shown and worked for 17 years. Karen Waldron and Lee Hudson have directed my career (at least I let them think they were in charge) and we have had more valued success on all levels than one could ask for in multiple lifetimes.

This past year has been the “icing on the cake.” Starting off my important competitions and wins at the 2007 Lexington Junior League horse show in the amateur harness pony qualifying and championship classes I knew I was ready to “kick it” at Louisville. Even though that week in August was the hottest show in memory I was not going to be stopped. When Friday night ended I had done what no other has at 22 years old. The title of 2007 Amateur Ladies Harness Pony and 2007 World’s Champion of Champions Amateur Harness Pony were mine. That nice announcer Peter Fenton gave us a heads up on the qualifying class when he asked Karen what my age was. Then he announced to all watching that night what I had just done at 22. THAT JUST HAPPENED. Karen questioned taking me back on Friday night but all the pressure was on for one more World’s Championship. From the moment I stepped down the ramp and entered the big green ring everyone turned up the heat. My driver Karen and trainer Lee stayed out of my way to let me take full charge. Taking full charge is how I have always lived my life and hopefully will continue to do so for a long time to come. (Ask any vet who tried to manhandle me…who won?)

After the Kentucky State Fair’s World’s Championships I was honored once again by the UPHA as the 2007 Amateur Harness Pony of the Year and then with the most coveted accolade of 2007 Harness Pony of the Year. Also the 2007 People’s Choice Harness Pony of the Year from Horse World and All American Harness Pony of the Year from National Horseman. Our friend Larry Ella called me a “legend”. I have watched ponies come and go for over two decades from the show world while I just kept going around having a grand time with my ups and downs. My greatest down was when Heartland Ooh! La La came home with us after being crowned the Hackney Pony World’s Grand Champion. It was too depressing watching my family gush over “that mare.”

I took the next year off to process the new farm focus but got to breed some wonderful mares that summer. What a life – showing, breeding, showing, breeding…on it goes. I could ramble on for days about my life here but I think I want to step back and oversee the direction of my children and grand children… maybe even my great grandchildren. It’s time for my son and stable mate WGC Night Editor to be the breeding star at Bent Tree Farm. We have both sired some very important ponies. Of course, I do have to deal with those other two stallions Karen owns and will be breeding this year. WGC Par Excellence (who luckily is still up in Canada) and his most beautiful full brother Overnight Success will be heating up the farm with a few very special mares coming their way.

Enough about them. What a great life this has been. Regional, Canadian (the Royal Winter Fair rocks), and World’s Championships over 23 years. I kicked a cancerous melanoma the fall of ’06 and winter of ’07. Several vets doubted me. I have been promised a special stallion paddock where I can call the shots on all the horses and ponies, especially those big black Friesians who think they are so special. “What a joke!” I scared all the dressage horses out of the barn with my screams of fury and sneak up on unsuspecting people to watch them jump, and especially Shawn when he first joined the family. Too funny! If Karen and Lee do as I wish I will keep driving around the ring where I can see all the paddocks and fields of my past, present and future. So many of my friends and caretakers are still here or come visit as often as possible.

With spring on the way – what else could I possibly ask for.